Growing and Glowing

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing parents and even more exciting, some amazing Little Brown Girls.  It is through their enthusiasm and energy to support each other, to be examples for what is good and to connect and reconnect that sparked the idea of Little Brown Girl.  A community where we can and will encourage not only those raising our Little Brown Girls, but a place where we as parents can turn to for support and provide encouragement to others.

Little Brown Girl is unapologetically dedicated to our brown little ones and those who continue to commit our lives to them.  Here we will bask in the beauty of our "brownness", we will see that we come in many shades, shapes and sizes, we will network and build a community with activities and words of encouragement.  We will always be the best we can be and "grow and glow" together.

The Purpose

Our mission is to build a strong community of support for Little Brown Girls growing and glowing around the world. 

Our vision is to reach every Little Brown Girl with positivity, strength and resources that help them continue to grow and glow.