At Little Brown Girl, we believe the Growing and Glowing process is fostered not only by a good support system, but we understand that that support system comes from a child's ability to participate in enrichment activities both in school and in the community.

Allowing your child different experiences is instrumental in their growing process. So enrolling them in enrichment activities such as sports, STEM activities, and the arts, is important but can be costly.

So, we decided to create the #GrowingAndGlowingScholarship where we will award one #LittleBrownGirl and one #LittleBrownBoy with a scholarship to participate in the activity of their choice.

To Apply for the #GrowingAndGlowingScholarship please email the following to

• a photograph of your “Little” participating in the enrichment activity
• a short description of why their participation in the enrichment activity is important to you.
• proof of enrollment in the activity via invoice or receipt.

The Fine Print:
• Scholarships are awarded quarterly.
•Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
•There is no age limit.
•Only one application per participant.
•Scholarships are awarded via reimbursement for exact amount of the proof of payment invoice, UP TO $100
•Reimbursement will be provided via PayPal, CashApp or check.